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Help stop the spread of Little Fire Ants (LFA) in our community. Join the active members of Stop LFA Kohala in our fight to eradicate LFA.

This outstanding video on LFA in Hawai'i is extremely informative. Stop LFA Kohala encourages viewers to watch. 

What does the LFA infestation mean for Kohala, and how can we combat it together?

Little Fire Ants (LFA), if left uncontrolled, will make our community uninhabitable. Little Fire Ants ARE NOT your typical fire ants and cannot be controlled in the same way. There are several infected areas in our community (one as much as 30 acres). Little Fire Ants spread slowly unless they are carried to new places by humans. The LFA sting is very painful and results in welts lasting hours or days. Pets are particularly vulnerable and can become blind when bitten in the eye. LFAs nest in trees and on the ground; they love wet, shady places. Agriculture is affected as well. There are proven ways to control and even eradicate, but it takes cooperation and continual monitoring. The most effective treatments are baits, which have a very low toxicity.

Important Resources

Hawai'i Ant Lab (HAL)

This site will provide you with general information on LFA and how to deal with them.

Big Island Invasive Species Committee (BIISC) This site is good for information, identification, and eradication of invasive species.

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